PolyVee Multi-Rib Belt

WILMINGTON, N.C., Providing the material handling market with an advancement in conveyor technology, Interroll introduces the PolyVee belt driven roller and RollerDrive that provides reliable torque transmission up to 300% higher than traditional O-rings. Unlike other multi-rib belts, the PolyVee belt features a flexible core that allows it to be applied without any tensioning device. In addition, the PolyVee belt accepts center-to-center distance tolerances, without impairing performance, and quickly and accurately controls the starting and stopping of boxes on a conveyor.

"The PolyVee belt is the ideal belt for our new high torque RollerDrives, providing superior torque transmission," said Georg Malina, Global Product Manager for Interroll RollerDrive and DriveControl. "Interroll is providing a full product range catering to a wide verity of MDR applications. The available product basket provides every thing the engineer designer needs including all components like RollerDrives, control cards, idler rollers and belts. All components are organized for quick delivery."

The high torque PolyVee multi-rib belt is equipped with a new hub and belts with up to four ribs, minimizing belt slippage and providing the superior torque transmission and long life cycle.

The new PolyVee belt is ideal for most any conveying applications including roller curves, 24 VDC pallet conveyors, long transport zones and high speed applications.

To arrange for a trial or demonstration of Interroll's PolyVee multi-rib belt, call 1-800-830-9680, fax 800-830-9679, visit www.interroll.us or your regional sales manger.

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