Portable Vertical Carousel

Portable Vertical Carousel

Sapient Automation’s Mini-Avenger Vertical Carousel and cart system provides ergonomic high density secure storage for work areas and cells. The system saves up to 66% of wasted floor space while increasing operator productivity by up to 2/3 by eliminating wasted walking and searching time.
This vertical carousel and cart is portable and designed to move through facilities, standard halls and doorways to the point of use. It comes with roller ball bearing caster wheels which allow minimal effort to move quickly and easily. Units can be dedicated to a work station or area or rotated for replenishment, kitting, consolidation, buffer or pick and pass applications.
Inventory and items are stored on carriers or shelves which rotate on an oval track vertically and delivered to an ergonomically located work counter. Every shelf can be configured uniquely to meet specific inventory and application requirements.

Sapient Automation

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