Pentalift Equipment Corporation introduces their Posi-lock ™ lip designed to put your dock attendant in safe control of the dock leveler operation. Conventional lip operators extend the lip and then allow gravity to begin to lower as soon as the lip has been extended. In many cases the dock leveler lip will fall too quickly causing the dock leveler lip to miss the back of the trailer. This malfunction can compromise safety by allowing the dock leveler lip to get jammed or caught between the trailer bed and the loading dock before the lip gets fully extended onto the back of the trailer. This compromises safety by not allowing the dock leveler lip to be properly supported on the back of the trailer. When this occurs the dock leveler must be completely cycled again Which is lost productivity. As well, this type of occurrence can cause the both the truck trailer and the dock leveler to be damaged.

This condition may also require the dock attendant to walk down the leveler at a much faster pace, in order to get the lip properly positioned into the back of the trailer which could cause the dock attendant to slip and fall.

The Pentalift Posi-lock ™ lip is designed to lock into place when the leveler is raised to the extended position, always allowing the dock attendant to deploy the dock leveler in a smooth and controlled manner. Once the lip is properly positioned into the back of the trailer the lip will automatically release allowing it to fall to the pendant position when the trailer pulls away.

In addition the Posi-Lock’s patented, yieldable front compression spring design allows the lip to be completely yieldable due to impacts from approaching truck / trailers. In addition, the Posi-Lock lip design protects the lip operator from damage associated with the dock attendant not properly retracting the safety legs to service below dock trailers.

Pentalift designs safety and performance into all their loading dock products. Visit our website at www.pentalift.com or give us a call at 519-763-3625.

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