Positech Industrial Manipulator

Positech Industrial Manipulator

Positech Corp. has redesigned its ReactionArm industrial manipulator, a pneumatic-torque reaction arm that absorbs shock as well as torsional and impact forces from power tools to reduce carpal tunnel injuries and cumulative trauma disorders. The new design features lift capacities of 500 pounds and 2,212 foot-pounds of torque. The ReactionArm lowers balance forces to give the operator a “float feel” when moving through a work cell. A new middle joint leveling feature allows the arm to stay in place once the operator positions it. Powered by 90-psi air, the ReactionArm can be mounted overhead or on a trolley, pedestal, wall or portable base. The device includes a pilot-operated lock valve, minimum lift circuitry and parallel linkage.

Positech Corp.

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