Position Controllers

SCHAUMBURG, IL - Position Controllers from Omron Electronics LLC use a high-speed motion network to provide high precision control of 2, 4 and 16 axes to meet the growing need for fast throughput with reduced waste. The position controllers pair efficiently with Omron's GN-Series servo drives and G-Series motors, and are compatible with a range of programmable controller platforms for a scalable solution. Designed for Omron's CJ and CS PLC platforms, the CJ position controllers can be paired with the micro CP1H controller for 2-and 4-axis standalone applications on a small machine or combined with CJ1, CJ2 or CS1 controllers for high-speed, high I/O count applications used on a full production line. The motion network reduces the total cost of ownership by simplifying operation, reducing wiring, offering centralized setup and single point access monitoring, and lowering the upfront hardware and software costs.

The position controllers store parameters in the module, not the CPU, to ensure fast network access without affecting the scan cycle and maintaining high throughput. The motion control bus enables individual GN Servo drives (with Motion Network capabilities) to link to the Position Controller using a single cable (2-core shielded twisted pair cable) in a daisy-chain configuration rather than the more costly direct wiring of a separate controller connection for each drive. This minimizes wiring, simplifies troubleshooting and allows easy system architecture expansion to include additional axes.

Both the controller and individual servo drives are programmed using Omron’s CX-One automation software suite which saves time and also ensures simple integration within the system. Not sold piecemeal in application modules, but as one value-priced package, Omron’s CX-One contains applications to configure and program all PLCs, Motion controllers, HMIs, Temperature controllers and Field bus networks. Extensive simulation capabilities and support for all five IEC 61131-3 programming languages are included in the standard CX-One suite.

Omron offers the new Position Controllers with motion network interface in 2-, 4- and 16-axis modules for the CJ and CS controller platforms. They provide a solution for simply automating applications in packaging, assembly, material handling and manufacturing operations where quick, precise, cost-effective positioning is required.

For further information, contact: Omron Electronics LLC, 1 Commerce Drive, Schaumburg, IL 60173. Tel.: 866-88-OMRON. Fax: 847-843-8081. Internet: www.omron247.com

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