Power Face Diverter

Cañon City, CO – Portec Flomaster – a leading manufacturer of specialty conveyors, will demonstrate the newest addition to its product line, the Portec PFD in Booth 1843 at ProMat 2007 (January 8-11, 2007, McCormick Place South, Chicago, IL).

The Portec PFD is a power face diverter (PFD) that diverts product without the use of a belt. Instead, it uses a patented double-chain technology. This technology increases the speed and reliability of the PFD while decreasing maintenance. It has been engineered for use where precise control of a power face diverter arm is desired. The shape and mounting footprint allow it to be easily installed in existing conveyor applications without extensive modifications. It does not need to be attached to the conveyor system and can be cantilevered up to 10 feet without overhead supports. Both actuator and power face are independently controlled.

“Portec is dedicated to growth through truly innovative products,” states Joe Forte, Portec’s Vice-President of Operations. “Our power face diverter brings something new and exciting to an otherwise ‘variations on an old theme’ industry”.

PORTEC FLOMASTER, founded in 1957, is a global manufacturer of specialty conveyors with an industry reputation for delivering dependable, high quality products. PORTEC FLOMASTER’S specialty material handling equipment has been incorporated in airport baggage handling systems, mail and parcel handling, manufacturing, distribution, food processing facilities, cement plants, fertilizer plants, salt plants, printing plants, etc. around the world. PORTEC FLOMASTER has produced equipment to handle all ranges of products from light electronics to truck body frames and refrigerators. They are known for tackling unusual and difficult applications by designing heavy-duty equipment to meet those particular challenges. PORTEC FFLOMASTER is headquartered at PO Box 589, Cañon City, CO 81215-0589. For more information, please visit www.portec.com.

PORTEC FLOMASTER ([email protected])
Brandie Chenoweth
PO Box 589
Canon City, CO 81215-0589
Tel: 719-275-7471
Fax: 719-269-3750

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