Power Mollers

Power Mollers

Responding to the needs of industry, Itoh Denki recently launched its newest class of high torque Power Mollers®. The model PM486FH along with CB-030 driver card offers enhanced torque for 24VDC applications with high capacity requirements. Ideal for use in inclines and in high weight applications, the PM486FH Power Moller® and controller offers almost twice as much torque as the standard roller. The CB-030 driver card features adjustable acceleration and deceleration time, stable speed operation, straightforward variable speed options, LEDs error diagnostics, and a pulse signal output to indicate motor revolution. The PM486FH Power Moller® is available in a wide range of tube lengths and speeds with an industry standard 1.9” diameter and 7/16” hex shaft. Itoh Denki USA, Inc., 888-310-8811, www.itohdenki.com

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