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PowerMate LE Series

PowerMate LE Series

The new PowerMate® LE-1 Model is unique, there are no other machines that have the powered lift and performance of the LE -1. The LE-1 will power heavy loads, up/down stairs, on/off vehicles or loading docks and also has the ability to power raise bottom heavy loads up to a perfectly balanced level. This allows the operator to balance the load over the wheels. It has been proven to reduce physical effort by 87%. Great tool for moving Air Conditioners, waterheaters, boilers, furnaces and other large loads.

Bottom heavy loads that were impossible to move in the past, are no problem for the PowerMate® LE-1. With the touch of a button, the operator can easily change the load’s center of gravity, reducing the effort and energy required to move the load by 87% or more. The LE-1 enables one man operation up to 650 lbs - a 50% savings on labor costs. It does 100% of the lifting thereby eliminating the risk of back injuries and compensation claims.

4 Machines in 1
• Power stair climber
• Power tailgate lift
• Power loading dock leveler
• Well-balanced dolly

For more information visit or call 1-800-697-6283

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