Atlet has added yet a fifth model to its already extensive range of Tempo series Low Level Order Pickers: The new PPS version has been designed with double-length scissor lift forks. The PPS is specifically designed for use with open faced load carriers such as Skids or Plastic (stackable) Pallets. It is also ideal for non-palletized goods.

• The forks can elevate to a height of 35.4”
• Double Length and Triple Length Versions are available
• Capacities vary from 4,400 lb. @ 48” Load Center for Double Length and 2,500 lb. @ 72” Load Center with Triple Length Forks
• Available with or without operator lift platform

The PPS is designed to improve safety and reduce workers comp claims by allowing ergonomic placement of goods in low level picking operations. Operators can adjust the forks so they are placing goods at waist level thus, reducing the amount of bending and physical strain.

The optional Operator Lift Platform allows access to 2nd and 3rd level pick locations. The operator simply hits a button and the platform elevates to just over 3 feet in about 2 seconds. It provides a safe and easy way to access more pick facings without climbing or standing on cases.

For more information contact:
Atlet, Inc.
4720 E. Hunter Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92807
Tel (714) 701-4949
Fax (714) 701-4950
Eric Schmidt
[email protected]

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