Pre-energized Vee-packing

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – No more weekly tightening of many bolts on assembly line presses and hydraulic equipment in the materials handling industry thanks to a new technology called pre-energized vee packing.

American High Performance Seals today announced that it has developed pre-energized vee-packing that can create a seal simply by being fitted into the gland. Pre-energized vee-packing does not require the tightening of the gland follower to maintain the seal, which makes weekly tightening of bolts unnecessary.

“Vee-packing saves companies time and money by reducing maintenance demands and boosting efficiency,” said Harald Kofler, president of American High Performance Seals.

AHP Seals said the pre-energized vee-packing can be used in:
• Hydraulic presses, extruders and valves
• Pipeline expansion joints
• Oilfield control valves
• Sludge Pumps
• Swivels

Pre-energized vee-packing can accommodate temperature requirements from -40 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and can be specialty designed for split configuration. A large range of material options are available in sizes from 1/8″ to 80″. Special grades are available for water hydraulic applications.

American High Performance Seals also designs and manufactures the most durable seals available and delivers them within 1-4 days. AHP Seals makes both metric and standard seals using ISO 9000 compliant processes at its state-of-the-art facility near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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