Pre-Printed Labeling Solutions

Pre-Printed Labeling Solutions

Made to provide equipment with safety warnings or tracking and tracing of individual assembly components.

SOUTHFIELD, MI – Schreiner ProTech today introduced pre-printed labeling solutions manufactured specifically to provide equipment with safety warnings or tracking and tracing of individual assembly components. In order to help engineering industries meet the exacting demands made on industrial markings, Schreiner ProTech has developed PreScript® and PolyScript®, two intelligent labels that offer a wide range of customization options and uses, while simplifying marking processes in the engineering industries and reducing manufacturing costs.

Depending on their intended use and environment, both label versions are customized to meet the respective requirements of the application. PreScript® labels are pre-printed with customer-specified data by Schreiner ProTech. They are typically used as equipment safety warnings and nameplates as well as for standard marking of assembly components. PolyScript® labels, which are printed with variable data by the customer for just-in-time application, are typically used for tracking and tracing as well as for quality management purposes.

In addition to serving product marking and production control purposes, PreScript® and PolyScript® labeling solutions can perform various other value-added functions. For instance, they can be equipped with barcodes, RFID transponders or special security features for product and brand protection. Membrane vent technologies for pressure compensation that provide water, oil and dust protection may be incorporated in the label as well.

All solutions are tailored to the customer’s individual requirements. Schreiner ProTech has developed a modular system enabling fast and cost-effective customization of marking labels, specifically their shape, size, and color; adhesive properties - from easy peel-off temporary adhesion to permanent adhesion; adaptation to difficult substrates; chemical resistance to oils, cleaning agents or solvents; mechanical resistance to abrasion and scratching; temperature resistance up to 500°C (932 °F); outdoor environments; UV resistance; paint-masks; and official approvals for worldwide markets (e.g. UL, CSA).

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