Precise Storage and Retrieval

Precise Storage and Retrieval

The Positioning Solution System from PSI Technics instructs stacker cranes to move to target coordinates and ensures that storage and retrieval tasks are carried out with high precision. In addition to distance measurement, the system offers time-optimized process control and positioning. It uses maximum acceleration and velocity as well as the required traveling distance to compute individual travel profiles. Automated warehouse storage and retrieval tasks can be completed quicker. Dynamic parameters ensure that acceleration, velocity and positioning tolerances are adjusted while the vehicle is en route to its destination. It uses optical distance meters, encoders or barcode systems to determine the measurement values for set point control, which eliminates interdependencies between process control and positioning systems. The system can be implemented in installations from all manufacturers and works with all types of motor drives and controllers. It also works with older installations that use DC converters.

PSI Technics Ltd.

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