Precisia LLC Presents New Testing Protocol to Accelerate the Adoption of Smart Labeling Technologies

Cambridge, U. K. – Smart labeling and packaging technologies offer substantial benefits to an array of industries, from packaged foods and pharmaceuticals to clothing and other consumer goods. Precisia LLC, a new company focused on the development of conductive inks for radio frequency identification (RFID) and other printed electronics, introduces a testing protocol aimed at accelerating the adoption of smart labeling technologies while eliminating many of the perceived risks and costs associated with them. Precisia's testing strategy is unique in that it combines the core methods used to test electronics with those used to test printing technologies.

Dan Lawrence, Precisia's director of technology and commercialization, presented the new testing methods for RFID tags and other printed electronics at Smart Labels Europe 2003 in Cambridge, U.K. Addressing an international audience of brand-owners, labelers, converters, electronics manufacturers, and suppliers, Lawrence emphasized the critical importance of having the right RFID testing strategies in place before making a significant investment in an RFID solution.

A complimentary copy of Lawrence's presentation is available on the Internet at:

"Brand-owners and their suppliers are under tremendous pressure to gear up for RFID adoption," says Lawrence. "Accurate testing of these new technologies will help speed up its time-to-market and provide assurance that investments in RFID solutions are not wasted."

Lawrence's presentation focused on three key areas: new systems of measurement, print and electronics test methods for RFID labeling technologies, and the future of printed electronics. Precisia's team of researchers and developers has a unique combination of experience in printed electronics, printing systems, and advanced ink technologies, making them well positioned to serve smart labelers, packagers, converters, and their end-users, as well as the printed electronics marketplace.

Precisia LLC is a separate business unit of Flint Ink Corporation, the world's largest privately-owned ink manufacturer, and provides conductive and advanced printing inks, and electronics technology and processes. Precisia's offerings include essential materials for radio frequency identification (RFID) and other printed electronics applications, including smart/active packaging, printed electronics, lighting and displays.

Founded in 1920, Flint Ink offers a comprehensive range of flexographic, sheetfed, web offset, gravure, UV/EB curable, digital, and advanced and conductive inks. For additional information on Flint Ink's value-added products and services, visit

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