Pregis Protective Foam Plank Cushioning

Pregis Protective Foam Plank Cushioning

New PolyPlank Plus from Pregis Corp. combines various substrates and two-step lamination technology to create a new generation of protective foam plank products.

The outer layer of PolyPlank Plus can be made from a broad variety of substrates, such as foil, paper, air cushioning, nonwovens, scrims, adhesive and cohesive films, etc. The substrate is laminated onto an engineered foam sheet. This assembly is then laminated to a thicker single or multilayer plank structure. Users can laminate a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer to PolyPlank Plus, creating a custom foam block that, when adhered to a product, protects surfaces from impact without marring finishes or leaving residue.

Removing the release liner exposes the adhesive, which then binds the foam block to the product or packaging surface. Pregis adds that the plank lamination can be manufactured without adhesive for applications that do not require it.

PolyPlank Plus is made from closed-cell polyethylene foam and can be made up to 48 inches wide, in thicknesses ranging from 1 to 10 inches in most densities.

Pregis Corp.

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