Pro-Series Stretch Wrapper

Features of the new 4,000-lb. capacity, pallet stretch-wrapping machines from ARPAC Group include a new design that encloses chains in the tower frame for safer operation. The machines come standard with LED wrap counters, top-over-wrap control, upgraded photo eye for detecting dark loads, and a pre-stretch device to maximize film usage. Available with a high profile turntable for forklift loading, or low profile turnable for pallet-jack loading.

Full Release:

New INFRAPAK Pro-Series Stretch Wrapper at NA 2006 Show, Booth 1217

ARPAC Group, leading manufacturer of stretch wrapping machinery will be introducing the new INFRAPAK Pro-Series stretch wrapper this year at the NA 2006 Show, Booth # 1217.

The INFRAPAK Pro-Series (formerly EZ-DUZ-IT PP) is one of the most cost effective semi-automatic turntable pallet stretch wrapping systems on the market today. This 4000 lb. capacity system is available with a high profile turntable for forklift loading or low profile turntable for pallet-jack loading. The Pro-Series can be customized to suit your material handling requirements with extended towers for taller loads and split frames for odd sized loads.

Newest features include a new ergonomic sturdy design with chains enclosed in the tower frame for a cleaner and safer operation. The INFRAPAK Pro-Series comes standard with dual LED top and bottom wrap counters each with a range of 1-9 wraps, top over wrap (TOC) control, cycle pause, upgraded photo-eye to see dark loads, EZ-LOAD Powered Pre-Stretch to maximize film usage and many more.

The Pro-Series is a part of a robust line of stretch wrapping equipment designed to maximize stretch film usage while ensuring the very best load unitization. Standard features include user-friendly operator controls, Steel-It paint to provide durable scratch resistant to the surface, swift change film mandrel, and many more.

About The Arpac Group
The Arpac Group specializes in manufacturing heavy-duty, standard and custom-designed packaging systems that meet the needs of a broad range of industrial users. All machinery is sold and serviced by The Arpac Group's international network of distributors and service technicians. Located near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, The

Arpac Group maintains sales offices throughout the United States and selected countries worldwide.

For more information, contact:
Angela Tillander, Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (847) 678-4081
Fax: (847) 671-3280
E-Mail: [email protected]

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