Programmable Weighing PC

Programmable Weighing PC

Mettler Toledo’s IND890 weighing PC enables operators to easily obtain complex, multi-step weigh results. The smooth design won’t trap moisture or product matter, making cleanup easier in harsh industrial environments.

The touchscreen offers self-explanatory icons for easier operator guidance: Operators see only what they need for a given operation. A less cluttered viewscreen means fewer processing errors.

Free programming enables customization to the application, further simplifying weighing and speeding time-to-result.

Programmable softkeys mean an operator can adjust the terminal’s keystroke patterns to his or her own working style. Country and language-specific screen layouts, along with large weight value display options, also enhance usability.

Different status messages from all simultaneously working scales can be viewed concurrently for easy comparison and subsequent correction of amounts and values for significant productivity gains. Displaying of up to four scales plus sum is possible when desired.

Mettler Toledo

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