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Protect-it™ column protection devices are a new innovation offering exceptional performance in racking protection. Rack systems are not designed to be struck by fork-lifts and even low speed collisions lead to structural damage. This damage is a major occupational health and safety issue and is very costly to repair. The Protect-it™ range of column protectors is designed to minimize the damage caused to pallet racking in the event of a forklift impact. We offer a product to suit most pallet racking column sizes and major brands sold throughout USA and Canada.

· Low purchase and installation costs.
· Lowest replacement cost in the market (at time of writing).
· Securely grips the column with no separate fasteners.
· Install as many or as few as required.
· Effective in cold stores as low as -40 degrees.
· Available in recognized safety colors.

How does Protect-it™ work?
Protect-it™ combines clever design, Computer Aided Engineering and advanced thermoplastic materials to deliver a product that can absorb large impacts and easily attach to a column without additional fasteners. It consists of an outer wall that is integrally moulded to a series of curved “spring like” energy absorbers at the front and sides to provide two levels of protection for columns. Under light to moderate impacts the outer wall deforms to resist the impact then Protect-it™ returns to its original shape. Under higher impacts the outer wall deflects even more, contacting the energy absorbers and delivering increased impact absorption. This staged response makes the product flexible enough to accommodate everyday knocks and bumps yet robust enough to withstand substantial forklift impacts.

Protect-it™ easy to fit to columns
Protect-it™ takes just seconds to install by hand. The design incorporates an ingenious spring clip design that enables Protect-it™ to securely grip the column and automatically adjust its width to suit a wide range of column sizes. All other competitor products require an additional attachment system like Velcro, bolts, concrete penetration or additional parts that are prone to breakage.

To view a video of an impact test please visit our website at

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