Protect Load Edges

Protect Load Edges

Laminations’ PerfBoard, a VBoard edge-protection product, has pre-perforated legs that can be quickly and easily sectioned for any size or height requirement. Perforation allows the legs to be easily snapped off by hand or machine at intervals prior to being applied to pallet load corners. PerfBoard is also easily snapped off by clamp trucks when layers of stacked product are separated.

The perforated legs provide easy layer separation without compromising stacking strength or product protection. It is safe for partial shipments and irregularly sized loads, and can deliver improved labor efficiencies.
PerfBoard is available in calipers up to 0.160 inches, with standard leg-lengths up to 4-by-4 inches. Custom leg-lengths are also available. Standard product lengths extend to 300 inches, but longer product lengths are also available.

The perforated edge protector is designed for use with automated pallet assembly systems, can be custom-printed with logos or instructions, and is 100-percent recyclable.

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