Kolinahr Systems’ PS520 Pallet Load Stacker patented design stacks pallet loads quickly and accurately. The PS520 now has the ability to automatically adjust to different size pallets.

The PS520 mounts on both sides of the pallet conveyor and holds the pallet loads with a positive stop gate. A pneumatic alignment system locates the pallets in a consistent position. The Pallet Load Stacker uses pneumatic slide arms to grab the pallet and lift it with an electric motor. The position of the feet are adjusted automatically to fit the size of the pallet.

The PS520 can save up to 60 seconds per stacked load versus forklift stacking, saving both labor and time while using a minimum amount of floor space. PS520 Pallet Load Stacker is ideal for today’s high volume warehousing operations.

For more information contact:
Bill Walker
Manager of Marketing & Sales
Kolinahr Systems
513-745-9401 x20
[email protected]

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