The PS600 Slip Sheet Unit Load Stacker is designed to stack unit loads without pallets quickly and accurately, saving up to 60 seconds per stacked unit load versus forklift stacking. The PS600 saves both labor and time while using a minimum amount of floor space.

The PS600 mounts on one side of the unit load conveyor and holds the stretch wrapped unit loads in position with a positive stop gate. The load stacker uses linear rails and bearings to move multiple support bars between the rollers under the unit load. The load is raised and lowered with a variable speed electric drive system. The stacker is controlled by a PLC, which can communicate with the conveyor, stretch wrapper, and unitizer, making it part of the packaging line. By tracking unit loads via a data stream provided from the unitizer, non-matching or partial loads are allowed to pass through.

The PS600 standard setup will handle 40” x 48” unit loads traveling broadside first. The carriage can be adapted to handle a wide range of unit load sizes. Utilizing a heavy-duty, four-post steel frame designed for maximum stability, the PS600 Slip Sheet Unit Load Stacker is ideal for today’s high volume warehousing operations.

For more information contact:
Bill Walker
Kolinahr Systems
513-745-9401 x20
[email protected]

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