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Psion Teklogix Partners with Vivato, Octanewave

Psion Teklogix has become a Vivato Elite Partner and will be reselling Vivato products to North American customers. Psion Teklogix worked with Vivato and Tideworks Technology to deploy Vivato 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi basestations to the Port of Seattle’s 190-acre marine terminal.

Vivato’s product family provides customers with greater coverage than other available access points, which enables customers to cover large areas cost effectively. Wide area Wi-Fi network gives customers the capability to support traditional RF terminal applications, Internet access, VOIP applications, as well as wireless access to laptops and PDAs.

By leveraging Vivato’s technology, Psion Teklogix can decrease the number of access points a customer needs to purchase to cover a large area, as well as significantly reduce the labor and equipment costs of trenching for electricity and providing Ethernet backhaul to conventional access points.

Psion Teklogix and Octanewave Software Inc., a provider of enterprise mobility software, have also entered into a partnership to co-market their mobile computing products.

The combined mobile computing solution fits enterprises within the warehousing, logistics, utilities, telecommunications, government, automotive, finance and insurance markets. The two companies will work together to deliver complete end-to-end mobile computing solutions to help businesses increase customer service levels, and maximize the productivity of mobile workers.

Psion Teklogix will provide a complete range of specialized task-oriented mobile computing devices, like the new pen-based clamshell NETBOOK PRO running on Windows, and an assortment of fully rugged hand-held computers such as the netpad. Psion Teklogix will also be providing wireless infrastructure and hardware integration for specific installations, as appropriate.

Octanewave currently delivers its device and network independent Enterprise Mobility Platform to a range of vertical markets, covering everything from public safety, inspection and public and mass transport through to field force and field service automation.

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