Purdue Incorporates Netsuite into Distribution Courses

NetSuite, Inc. (San Mateo, Calif.), a provider of on-demand business software suites, announced that Purdue University (West Lafayette, Ind.), one of two major schools in the U.S. for industrial distribution, has become the first institute of higher education to incorporate NetSuite into undergraduate and graduate curriculum. Several classes eventually benefit from the program, including: Financial Transactions in Distribution; Purchasing, Inventory and Warehouse Management; and Industrial Sales and Sales Management, among others.

As part of the industrial distribution program designed to prepare students with the skills needed to serve the $4 trillion industrial distribution industry, NetSuite is used in a real-life warehouse setting called the Supply Chain Technology Management Laboratory, where students gain hands-on experience using the software for distributor management, customer relationship management and E-commerce, while sharpening profitability management skills such as financial statement analysis, strategic planning, and sales forecasting. By choosing NetSuite, Purdue University has added a new option for students to work with, in addition to the client-server software they have in the lab.

Source: NetSuite, Inc.

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