HOPKINS, MN — MagStar™ Technologies, Inc. introduces the Q-Stack to its robust line of Quickdraw® material handling automation systems. The Q-Stack is a cutting-edge modular plate automation conveyor specially designed for handling Microplates, tip boxes, and deep well carriers in a broad range of laboratory-based automation applications. The fast, reliable Q-Stack delivers a flexible conveyed product solution with bidirectional operation, removable stack towers with 400mm of Microplate storage in each, and sensors to detect when stacks are full and/or empty. In addition, the Q-Stack easily integrates into existing Microplate processing lines, and it interfaces with serial communication or discrete I/O, allowing users to monitor collected data from a remote location.

The Q-Stack is a modular, sectional plate automation device that is easily assembled, configured and integrated with a large variety of third-party laboratory instruments and diagnostic and fluid handling machines. It can be used in automatic or manual Microplate processing, accommodating all Microplates manufactured in accordance with Society for Biomolecular Screening ANSI/SBS 3-2004 and deep well Microplates up to 45mm tall. The Q-Stack also features adjustable speed from 0 to 60 feet per minute and offers dual stack or destacking features. These unique traits ensure the Q-Stack provides an exceptional solution for the most challenging laboratory automation needs. The Q-Stack concept is also easily customized to meet the needs of any application.

“Quickdraw products offer efficient plate automation, ease of integration, lower power consumption, less noise generation, a space-saving footprint, and clean operation, making them well-suited for laboratory applications—and the Q-Stack plate automation device is designed specifically for Microplate processors in these environments,” said Dave Helgerson, Chief Technology Officer for MagStar. “The Q-Stack dramatically improves productivity, throughput, safety, and accuracy with its innovative removable stack tower design, bidirectional operation, and precision locate nest for Microplate processing.” Helgerson adds, “Engineers can easily configure the Q-Stack to signal when the Microplate stacks are ready to be emptied, and the design’s convenient serial communications capability allows these users to monitor processing information in real-time.”

Applications. The Q-Stack’s proprietary plate automation design and flexible Microplate processing and stacking options deliver a unique conveyed product solution to a wide variety of laboratory automation applications, including the following:

  • Genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Drug research
  • Agricultural research
  • Diagnostics
  • Fluid handling
  • Laboratory instrument handling
  • Energy applications
  • Security applications

In addition, several features of the Q-Stack make it particularly easy to set up and use:

  • Removable stack towers
  • Precision locate nest for processing Microplates
  • Bidirectional conveyor
  • Dual stack or destacking options
  • Sensors for full and/or empty stacks
  • 400mm of Microplate storage in each tower
  • Interfaces with serial communication or discrete I/O
  • Integrates with automatic or manual Microplate processing
  • Clean operation well-suited for laboratory environments
  • Less noise generation and lower power consumption
  • Easy to integrate into existing processing lines with space-saving size
  • Adjustable speed from 0-60 feet per minute
  • Accommodates Microplates manufactured in accordance with Society for Biomolecular
  • Screening ANSI/SBS 3-2004; deep well Microplates up to 45mm tall
  • 33.25” overall conveyor length (20.80” exposed conveyor) with custom lengths available
  • 110 VAC or 24 VDC operation

Additional company and product information can be found at www.magstar.com or by calling 1-800-473-8837. Send questions and comments to [email protected].

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