Applicator is uniquely suited for the most demanding, variable information labeling requirements.

The Q33 is constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel and features a 12" label unwind,linear slide air cylinder, variable torque waste rewind, all quick disconnect electronics and pneumatics.

Low label, low ribbon, end of ribbon and end of media faults are included with a two lamp fault indicator.

When used with an OEM printer, the Q33 provides next-out printed labels with numerous resident fonts while supporting all popular bar code formats.

The high performance chassis utilizes a series of applicator modules including air-tamp, air-blow, tamp-blow, wipe-on and various pneumatic swing arms for side, top, leading edge, adjacent side or corner wrap labeling applications.

The modular design of the Q33 allows the system to be upgraded with future technological developments in RFID.

• High performance RFID-ready printer applicator
• Labels various products, shipping cases and pallets up to 100 ppm
• All quick disconnect electronics and pneumatics
• Uniquely suited for the most demanding applications
• Apply-only module can be configured to apply preprinted labels using a standard tamp or wipe on
• Pneumatic options for side, top, leading panel, adjacent side or corner wrap applications

Quadrel Labeling Systems
Christine Burrier

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