Quick Connect HFC1

Hörmann Flexon has introduced, Quick Connect HFC1™ plug-and-play control box. This innovative control box provides a convenient plug-in system for powering up Hörmann Flexon high performance doors.

Standard equipment on all Speed-Master®, Speed-Commander™ and Speed-Guardian™ high speed roll-up doors, the Quick Connect HFC1™ control box has receptacles located on the bottom which match up with the specific electrical cables that bring power to the door and activations. The power cable connectors simply plug and twist into the designated receptacles on the control box, and the door is ready to run. This system replaces more complicated wiring processes typically required when starting up a new high performance door.

Other valuable features of this control box provide many benefits to high performance door customers. It may be installed in most applications because of its NEMA 4 enclosure and UL-approved rating. The frequency inverter design with soft start/stop means minimal wear on the door for a reliable motor life, and a 24/7 watchdog surveillance system of electrical operations provides protection from power surges. The Quick Connect HFC1™ easily fits into areas with limited space due to its compact overall dimensions of 12“ wide x 16“high x 5“ deep. The accurate, self-diagnostic LCD display screen quickly identifies a malfunction, and user-friendly diagnostics reduce down-time.

“The fourth generation German technology utilized to develop the Quick Connect HFC1™ has been proven worldwide, and it will provide reduced installation time as well as the product sustainability that companies want. ” Comments Jacque Op’t Root, Vice President of Business Integration for Hörmann.

Contact: Alice Permigiani
Phone: (800) 365-3667, ext. 323
Email: [email protected]

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