Quick-Cycle Narrow-Aisle Reach Trucks

Quick-Cycle Narrow-Aisle Reach Trucks

Crown Equipment’s RM 6000 Series of narrow aisle reach trucks feature Xpress Lower technology and Quick Change Load Wheels. With lowering accounting for up to 25 percent of each cycle, Xpress Lower reduces cycle times by decreasing the time spent waiting for the load to lower. Technology inside the truck increases lowering speeds to up to 240 feet per minute without using additional energy. At customer sites where the lift truck has been installed, it can reach 505 inches and has shown a 13 percent improvement in productivity, which can equate to saving an estimated 35 minutes per operator, per shift or more than $5,500 annually. Quick Change Load Wheels reduce the time it takes to replace load wheels and return the truck to operational status. The bolt-on outrigger tips are specially designed for a swap-out in the aisle, eliminating the need to move the truck to a maintenance area.

Crown Equipment Corp.

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