Quick Frame

Economy and simplicity are words that describe 80/20’s Quick Frame tubular aluminum framing system. As the name implies, these profiles are quick to transform into projects like modular shelving, furniture, stands, guards, covers, displays, carts and more.

At the heart of the Quick Frame system are the tough nylon connectors and 1” square clear anodized aluminum profiles. Add the fact that boltless connections are made with a simple hand tool requiring no machining, and you’re quick to see Quick Frame as an ideal choice for light-duty framing applications.

Seven different 1” square profiles, six with single or double flanges, and 27 connector configurations means design and configuration flexibility. Accessories like plastic and wire panels, hinges, handles, latches, casters and more are easily incorporated into any Quick Frame design project.

To learn more about 80/20’s Quick Frame tubular framing system or to obtain a free quote visit www.8020.net or contact:

80/20® Inc.
1701 South 400 East
Columbia City, IN 46725-8753
Phone: 260-248-8030 or 877-248-8020
Fax: 260-248-8029 E-mail: [email protected]
Web Site: www.8020.net
Contact: Tim Cain

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