Quiet Alternative to Generators

Quiet Alternative to Generators

The Portable Power Package from Newcastle Systems is a quiet, reliable, and compact alternative to generators and extension cords. Providing AC power for indoor or outdoor use, it draws on a rechargeable battery to provide integrated, seamless power. Outdoors, it is well suited for mobile power applications such as in trailers. Indoors it serves wherever a powered device needs to be used in more than one location and/or where power may not be otherwise available (the far corners of warehouses, manufacturing facilities, loading docks, remote storage areas, etc.).

Housed in a sealed but fully ventilated steel cabinet (16” x 16” x 12”), the Portable Power Package comes standard with an inverter, battery status meter, wire harness, and “smart charger.” It is available with four different battery/inverter/charger configurations — Models PP8, PP12, PP22, and PP25. Weight ranges from 65 to 170 pounds. Run time varies according to use. One example: Model PP12 will power a laptop computer and small printer for 8 hours.

Newcastle Systems

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