Ramp Manufacturer Launches New Web Site

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill.–Handi-Ramp, a designer and manufacturer of industrial yard ramps, has launched a new Web site.

Customers can access detailed information about the rental program, sell-back program and leasing options for new and used equipment.

According to the company, a used ramp can provide savings of up to 40% for property owners and warehouse managers without a loading dock. If the need is temporary, renting becomes a practical, economical alternative to purchasing.

“Many property owners or warehouse managers have found that a yard ramp enables them to use existing facilities more efficiently,” says Handi-Ramp owner Thom Dish.

The Web site, located at www.usedyardramps.com, provides sellers looking to convert their equipment to cash an offer within 24 to 48 hours, provided they e-mail basic equipment information and a few digital photos.

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