Range ALERT is a new product from ALERT Safety Products that allows a forklift operator to determine the distance the forks are into a pallet.

A situation may arise where a forklift operator is driving with 60ā€ forks and he/she must unload a truck with 48ā€ back to back pallets. Potentially, he/she could run through the 1st pallet and grab a portion of the 2nd pallet, tipping that pallet over. If it is raw materials, it is one thing, if it is finished goods, it is expensive.

With Range ALERT he/she now has the ability to know how far the forks are into the load, by the inch, with a digital readout provided for the driver on the dashboard. An ultrasonic sensor mounted in the cradle, between the forks, constantly measures the distance to the load.

For more information, please visit out website:www.ALERTSafetyProducts.com or call Bill Chernick @ 800.783.4290

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