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Raymond Fleet Services Program Provides Online Reports

GREENE, N.Y.— The Fleet Services program from The Raymond Corporation provides users with online information and reports on lift truck fleet data by truck, facility, region and company. The program maximizes lift truck efficiency while reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Delivered in concert with local Raymond dealerships, the program involves a continuous process of assessing fleet operating hours, applications, availability, maintenance and special needs; comparing the fleet to possible replacements for potential savings; recommending replacements, warehouse layout and truck configurations, financing, maintenance and training; implementing replacement, maintenance and training programs; and monitoring the program.

"This program allows customers to redirect resources into their core business instead of managing lift truck fleets," says Edgar Warriner, director of national and major accounts services at The Raymond Corporation. "Users have reduced maintenance, administration and capital expenditures, and even, in some cases, reduced their fleet size while maximizing utilization and productivity." Warriner notes that on average, companies have 10 to 20 percent more lift trucks in operation than are required to do the job.

In addition, users can view management reports online using current fleet data such as truck utilization, operation cost per hour, maintenance costs, components, parts and labor. These reports can be consolidated for a company, or broken down by truck, facility or region.

The Raymond Fleet Services program is available in three service and cost levels:

--Basic – Provides utilization and cost per hour reports.

--Value – Adds detailed reporting of additional data and a single monthly billing system that consolidates invoices from multiple locations.

--Premier – Adds a specially assigned Raymond Fleet Manager who is the single point of contact for all service, support and parts.

The Raymond Corporation is the leading North American provider of materials handling solutions that improve space utilization and productivity, with lower cost of operation and greater operator acceptance. High-performance, reliable, ergonomically designed Raymond® products range from a full line of manual and electric pallet trucks and walkie stackers to counterbalanced trucks, Reach-Fork® trucks, orderpickers and dual-purpose (pallet handling/case picking) Swing-Reach® trucks.

For additional information about The Raymond Corporation, or to locate a Raymond Dealer, visit the company Web site at

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