Raymond Launches Online Calculators

GREENE, N.Y.—The Raymond Corp. has launched three online calculators that help material handling professionals improve efficiency and decrease operating costs, the company says.

Users can input real operations data into the calculators, located at www.raymondcorp.com/solutions.
The ACR calculator estimates cost savings that result from replacing a DC-powered reach truck with a Raymond Reach-Fork truck equipped with the company’s ACR system.

Raymond’s Reach Truck Performance calculator uses warehouse-specific data to compute pallets moved per hour and cost per pallet moved to analyze the productivity of Raymond Reach-Fork trucks.

Finally, the Space Utilization Guide demonstrates how to maximize cube by determining the number of additional pallets that can be stored in less space by switching to narrow-aisle and very-narrow-aisle lift trucks.

Raymond’s Web site also provides an Uptime/Reliability Guide for calculating total uptime per lift truck and a Cost of Ownership and Operation calculator for estimating the total cost of operating a lift truck fleet.

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