Reddwerks Pick-to-Light Hardware

Reddwerks Pick-to-Light Hardware

Reddwerks Corp. announces its Generation 3 pick-to-light hardware, which includes firmware updates and a variety of usability, performance and durability enhancements.

Generation 3 pick-to-light devices are two to three times brighter, using the same or less power than earlier releases, according to Reddwerks. New device buttons are designed for better tactile feedback, and updated power conditioning circuitry protects against external threats, such as static discharge, brown power and other power issues.

The devices also include real-time, configurable power settings that allow the software to adjust brightness and power consumption to suit user needs and support green initiatives.

New firmware features provide additional order-cubing functions during line-split operations as well as enhanced support features for broader equipment performance reporting throughout the enterprise, says Reddwerks. The pick-to-light hardware is offered with the company’s warehouse performance management (WPM) 3.6 software release.

Reddwerks Corp.

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