RedPrairie and Babush Open RFID Tech Center

RedPrairie (Milwaukee) and Babush Material Handling Systems (Sussex, Wis.), have opened a joint RFID technology center in Milwaukee that allows managers to learn about and test the functionality of the automatic identification technology. The 3,200 sq.-ft. center provides visitors hands-on experience to better understand the components required to install a successful RFID solution by duplicating their own operation as much as possible. The RFID tags are used with integrated material handling systems so customers can view processes under real operating conditions and see the value of the operational processes they might be able to deploy.

ā€œCustomers need to be planning now how they will deploy the efficient tagging and use of RFID in their operations as label volumes increase beginning in 2007. We can help with that planning and deployment,ā€ says Gary Morgan, vice president, RedPrairie.

The facility is equipped with high-speed conveyor systems for tag placement testing. The conveyor system can test product read speeds of up to 600 feet per minute and accurately apply labels as fast as 60 cases per minute.

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