RedPrairie, CHEP Team for Test

RedPrairie Corp., a manufacturer of global supply chain technology solutions, is providing enhanced, real-time visibility for RFID testing at the Innovation Center at CHEP, a pallet and container pooling service. RedPrairie's visibility solution, LENS, gives CHEP visibility to track RFID-tagged inventory throughout the distribution process.

CHEP's Innovation Center in Orlando is a development and validation facility, dedicated to the design and execution of tests that address key supply chain issues. Recent mandates from several mass retailers and from the Department of Defense require suppliers to track inventory at the pallet and case level by January 2005. The Innovation Center demonstration shows how suppliers can utilize the CHEP PLUS ID offering to help streamline their supply chain processes.

CHEP has implemented RedPrairie's visibility tool to demonstrate successful RFID tracking of inventory across the supply chain. In this demonstration, LENS provides real-time and historical visibility of the CHEP pallet and associated products. It utilizes GlobeRanger's iMotion edgeware platform to process RFID data and interact with EPC Information Service to create summarized, end-to-end graphical views of customer supply chains.

CHEP is also leveraging RedPrairie's supply chain expertise during the design and execution of customized tests to determine how companies can best deploy RFID in their environment and address companies' specific material handling needs.

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