RedPrairie Corporation Acquires BlueCube Software

RedPrairie Corporation (Milwaukee), a supply chain company, and BlueCube Software Inc. (Atlanta), have jointly announced that they have signed a definitive agreement, whereby RedPrairie will acquire BlueCube Software. The combined companies, operating under the name RedPrairie Corporation, will unify and support all products and services from both organizations within RedPrairie’s revolutionary end-to-end E2e suite, offering an expanded customer base access to more retail-specific functionality and wider geographic support. BlueCube Software President Kim Eaton will continue to serve in the Retail/Store Operations business leadership position out of Atlanta, under the direction of RedPrairie Company Leader John Jazwiec.

The acquisition provides a cornerstone for RedPrairie’s revolutionary E2e consumer-driven strategy by connecting store operations with manufacturing, workforce performance and distribution.

"Whereas traditional supply chain forecasting drives decisions from manufacturers to the store shelf,” says Jazwiec, “RedPrairie, through its acquisition of BlueCube Software, is embracing and enabling a more efficient, forward-thinking, consumer-driven supply chain.”

By extending shelf level visibility, he adds, and control downstream to manufacturing, it is creating a model in which a consumer purchase acts as the trigger for replenishment. This enables retailers to transfer inventory management responsibility to suppliers to effectively reduce inventory carrying costs and cycle times."

This acquisition will close in the next 20-30 days. The combined company is expected to generate $207.5 million in revenue and $45.6 million EBITDA, and employ 950 employees across 21 global sites.

Source: RedPrairie Corp.

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