RedPrairie, Lowry Computer Develop Advanced RFID EPC Automation System

RedPrairie Corporation, a manufacturer of supply chain technology solutions that enable business process transformation, recently announced the integration of its RFID compliance applications with the recently released EPC Encode & Apply system from Lowry Computer Products. RedPrairie’s RFID solutions will integrate to the conveyor controls software layer developed by Lowry. The combined offering provides companies a turnkey RFID “slap and ship” solution to more easily meet mandated RFID compliance deadlines.

RedPrairie’s RFID Igniter compliance application, which provides the EPC product code and relevant product information, will be fully integrated with the Lowry Paragon PLS-430 Encode & Apply System. The PLS-430 makes it easy to encode, verify and apply pressure-sensitive RFID smart labels to cartons and palletloads in one operation. Additionally, the PLS-430 automatically detects improperly encoded smart labels and rejects them prior to application. This patent-pending reject mechanism keeps any bad tags on the waste liner to be rewound, thus avoiding costly interruptions in the production process.

The integrated solution is designed to automate operations at the point of distribution, a method that is increasingly being considered as the initial method of compliance.

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