RedPrairie Releases Dispatcher-WMS 8.4

RedPrairie has launched a new version of Dispatcher-WMS (Version 8.4), a warehouse management system. Besides offering more features for management of advanced warehouse operations, the new version has also been integrated with a customs module, a labor management module and a billing module. Version 8.4 can be used with a Windows user interface, as well as a browser user interface. The browser interface greatly increases visibility and accessibility. It is compatible with Borland's application server and IBM's WebSphere.

A completely integrated customs module incorporates Online Duty & Logistics' DutyMaster into the product suite. In October 2003, RedPrairie acquired Online Duty & Logistics, a specialist provider of solutions for excise and customs warehousing. The functional integration of the products is the starting point for rollout to current and future global customers. Since customers have already ordered this module, accreditation procedures in different countries will start soon.

ActivityBilling allows companies to attach a cost to all services delivered by the warehouse. Third-party logistics and public warehousing providers can accurately track activity for multiple clients within a single warehouse and manage complex invoicing contracts on a client-by-client basis. ActivityBilling is entirely Web-enabled.

Labor Management is another module to enrich the Dispatcher-WMS product suite. It allows the calculation of the estimated time that a task should take before that task is started. The calculated times take into account the routes that operators should follow, the time to access the locations, the nature of the material handled and other operational parameters. This module allows objective comparison between the calculated time for tasks and the actual time it took to carry out the task.

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