RedPrairie Sponsors CDP Supply Chain Report

MILWAUKEE—RedPrairie Corp. is sponsoring the new supply chain report for the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

CDP studies the impacts of climate change on global business and carbon emissions. Its most recent report detailed results from more than 600 global suppliers in 34 companies and highlighted geographical and industry trends for managing greener supply chains.

“Climate change is becoming a material issue for increasing numbers of sectors and businesses,” says Frances Way, CDP head of supply chain. “We will see heightened impact on industry from extreme weather events, impact of carbon prices and changes in consumer demand, not only directly but also through companies' supply chains. The level of engagement on this issue from some of the world's largest companies through the CDP Supply Chain process shows how it is now part of core operations for those companies with an understanding of the potential impacts of climate change on their business operations.”

Read the new CDP supply chain report at

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