RedPrairie WMS Supports Intermec Handheld Devices

MILWAUKEE, Wis.--RedPrairie Corp. says the new Intermec CK3 mobile computer is certified to support RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management software (WMS). RedPrairie is an Intermec Premiere Honours Partner.

The CK3 delivers secure wireless communications in a hand-held package, and allows for both 1D and 2D barcode scanning, voice communication support, and options for RFID and mobile printing.

“We understand the principle concern for many IT professionals is how easily a new product can integrate into their existing operations,” says Gary Jones, Intermec VP Global Channels and OEM. “RedPrairie’s solution alleviates this problem, and effectively addresses customer needs. Additionally, they provide top-notch service and support, and are truly dedicated to guaranteeing the success of both their partners and customers.”

RedPrairie’s WMS enables distribution operations, by providing a multitude of functions including distributed order management, warehouse tasking, pick to sequence, and a host of other features. The Intermec CK3 is smaller than many other handheld computers, but retains the same functionality, meaning clients will be able to use RedPrairie’s WMS to greater effect. In particular, the CK3 is able to scan at an extended distance, resulting in easier and faster cycle counting.

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