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Reduce Cargo Damage in Boxcars

Reduce Cargo Damage in Boxcars

Paylode's reusable rail bulkhead spacer (102ʺHx39ʺWx17ʺL) fills longitudinal voids in railcars, absorbing up to 41,000 lbs. of force without crushing. Manufactured from lightweight and rigid polyethylene, it weighs 55 lbs. (easier handling/faster loading) and has a service life of more than seven years. It is typically configured as two interlocking units snapped together and is often combined with Paylode's void panels and airbags to prevent destructive load shifting caused by longitudinal and lateral forces as well as harmonic vibrations inside railcars.

These spacers will make hundreds of trips, eliminating the cost of throwaway dunnage that will end up in landfills, and it reduces worker fatigue as well as the risk of injury. It is also made of 100 percent recycled materials and Paylode will buy it back at end-of-life to be recycled again.


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