Reduce damage with proper truck loading

Moore & Associates has released a new "Truck Loading Guide" to help material handlers reduce damage to products when transported to customers. The reader will learn how to:

Maximize cube/weight utilization in the trailer

Enable additional weight and cube to be carried -- significantly reducing total costs

Minimize product damage

Meet customer requirements

You'll also learn about a truck loading software system originally developed for Procter & Gamble, which uses an expert rule-driven planning engine to help companies of any size and industry load trailers with greater efficiency. It runs on a desktop Windows PC or as part of most WMS. P&G was already recognized as possessing some of the best warehousing and distribution operations, but AutoLoaderT3 has helped them further improve dock and warehouse productivity, while supporting faster training and enhanced customer service.

You can download the New Truck Loading Guide from Moore & Associates/Warehouse Optimization at, or call 615/791-8000.

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