Redundant Network Availability

Redundant Network Availability

WAGO Corporation’s 750-882 ETHERNET 2.0 Media Redundancy Controller provides two redundant networks via independent ETHERNET interfaces. This enables communication with a redundant network — ideal for applications requiring high network and system availability or two independent networks.

Simultaneous redundancy is achieved by operating 750-882 over two networks, which are accessible via two different IP addresses and MAC IDs. The independent ETHERNET ports permit redundant connection of two transmission paths. If Port 1’s path fails (e.g., broken cable), Port 2 serves as an alternate. If redundancy is not required, networks are addressed separately for intra-network data exchange, e.g., from shop floor machinery to a top floor Manufacturing Enterprise System.

750-882 includes: 1 MB program memory (program code), 512 Kb data and 32 Kb retain memory. A 2 MB Fast File System, additional libraries and redundancy modes complete the package. An onboard DIP switch streamlines IP address assignment; the integrated Web server provides Web pages and remote access.

Wago Corp.

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