Rehrig Pacific Purchases Services Division

Rehrig Penn, Inc. (Los Angeles), a new, wholly owned subsidiary of Rehrig Pacific Company, has announced the recent acquisition of all service-related businesses of Penn Pallet, Inc., St. Mary’s, Penn. These businesses comprise all activities involving asset recovery, pallet management, dock sweeps, and wood pallet resale. Penn Pallet will retain its two manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania.

Rehrig Penn has also purchased a 50 percent of Penn Pallet’s equity in Penn-Alliance (Charlotte, N.C.) a national pallet sales and reclamation cooperative, to more effectively sell, track and reclaim wood pallet assets primarily within the retail sector. First Alliance Logistics Management is the other member of the new Penn-Alliance trio of companies. Commenting on the acquisition, First Alliance’s CEO, Glenn Merritt, said, “Penn-Alliance is an emerging force within the returnable packaging industry. The addition of Rehrig Pacific to our arsenal of competitive weapons significantly increases the number of viable business opportunities. I really like our chances for continued success.”

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