Relief at the Pump

The International Foodservice Distributors Association (Falls Church, Va.) announced that it has joined the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), a coalition dedicated to providing a voice for consumers concerned about the impact of energy prices on business.

IFDA represents foodservice distributors throughout the U.S., Canada and internationally. After labor and health care costs, IFDA members have identified increasing fuel costs as the industry’s third largest expense. IFDA members travel more than 75 million miles a year and consume more than 85.6 million gallons of fuel annually.

“IFDA shares the goals of the Consumer Energy Alliance,” says Jonathan Eisen, IFDA’s senior vice president of government relations, “to support thoughtful utilization of all domestic energy resources, help ensure domestic energy security and ultimately, reduce prices for consumers.”

He adds, if we don’t take the steps now to increase domestic energy production, our reliance on foreign imports will translate to higher transportation costs and increased prices for virtually everything we purchase.

Source: International Foodservice Distributors Association

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