Remanufactured Lift Trucks with Warranty

Remanufactured Lift Trucks with Warranty

Crown Equipment Corporation is introducing a one-year warranty with no hour limits on all major components of an Encore remanufactured lift truck. The most commonly available Encore models are rider pallet trucks, stockpickers, counterbalanced forklifts and narrow-aisle reach trucks.

Crown has a system to accept, evaluate and recycle 99 percent of used forklift components, up to and including complete remanufacture. The Encore remanufacturing process begins with Crown technicians stripping each forklift down to its frame and inspecting, repairing and/or replacing every part that goes back into the forklift. Remanufacturing includes electrical, structural, drive units, hydraulics, brakes and exterior components. All drive tires, load wheels and bearings are replaced on every Encore truck. Any unusable components are recycled.

Crown Equipment Corporation

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