Remote Maintenance and Diagnostics

Remote Maintenance and Diagnostics

GE Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic (RM&D) technology streamlines preventive maintenance tasks by zoning in on actual motor operating conditions around the clock so that potential problems can be found before they cause breakdowns and potential harm equipment and systems.

Relaying over 20 real-time operating conditions to a 24/7 Monitoring Diagnostics Center, customers can compare data against historical performance and other asset trends. Real time alerts are dispatched to select personnel in the case of notable anomalies.

Motor data is warehoused at the M&D Center and posted to a secure website where customers can analyze trends for motor and load conditions and act accordingly. Data points and resources are available to customers via the website and include: motor performance; stator coil temperature; voltage and current data; bearing temperature and vibration data; access to all machine historical data; and alert notifications, such as text messages or emails, sent to specified maintenance personnel.


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