New Remstar RemStore totes (patent pending) are designed to optimize space utilization in Remstar Shuttle Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), vertical and horizontal carousels, creating up 15% more storage capacity for industrial material storage and retrieval operations.

RemStore Totes allow for maximum space utilization in Shuttle VLMs, vertical and horizontal carousels, effectively creating more product storage space. The new Catch-Hook design allows access to the totes contents at a convenient angle for fast, easy and ergonomic access. A custom handle allows easy tote removal and replacement. The Drift-Lock feature automatically positions the totes for safe and more productive storage and retrieval operations.

Snap-in dividers create up to 12 snug, custom compartments that aid efficient retrieval and eliminate part migration. Every compartment divider can hold a label at a 30-degree angle for easy operator reading and identification for more accurate picks. The totes stack easily with or without dividers inserted.

Remstar RemStore Totes come standard in blue, and custom colors are also available. A company logo can be placed on the front of each tote.

For information about the Remstar RemStore Totes, call 800-639-5805 or visit the Remstar web site at .

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