Rentable Cargo Pant

CINCINNATI, OH – Cintas Corporation is finding significant customer interest in its Cargo Collection, a new line of retail-inspired rentable cargo pants. Available in light khaki and navy blue, the loose-fit design offers comfort, style and functionality.

“People in certain industries need to be able to carry a number of portable devices on the job but also realize the importance of looking good at work,” says Chuck Helmes, Director of Marketing and Technology Solutions at Cintas Corporation. “Our customers asked for a solution, and we responded with a pant design that combines style and functionality.”

The new Cintas Design offers a contemporary cut with a longer “seat seam” for comfort and is using a fabric with 11% stretch for softness and flexibility.

“Many of our competitors design cargo pants with industrial launderers in mind, not with consideration to comfort and functionality, which is extremely important to the people who have to wear them,” says Helmes.

Many other rentable cargo pants are designed with sewn-on pockets and button closures, which are potential safety hazards in certain industries. The Cintas Cargo Collection, however, offers sewn-in pockets with side seams and snap closures. This design has not only proven to be less hazardous, but it is also more durable for industrial laundering.

The Cintas Cargo Collection is ideal for employees in all business service industries, including HVAC, landscape, courier, transportation, beverage and repair companies.

“The quality and durability of our uniforms create a consistent, professional look for our customers’ employees,” says Helmes. “Not only that, this is a uniform that employees feel good in, look good in and truly enjoy wearing. It’s the trifecta of cargo apparel – comfort, style and functionality.”

For more information about the Cintas Cargo Collection, please visit:

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