Report Finds Green in Green

RALEIGH, N.C.—Retail, manufacturing and distribution companies are finding green dollars in their green initiatives, according to a report from the Supply Chain Consortium.

“Organizations are leveraging supply chain environmental initiatives to achieve regulatory compliance as much as they are using the programs to improve their corporate image and customer satisfaction level,” according to a release announcing the survey results.

Nearly two-thirds of participants have at least some portion of their budget allocated to environmental initiatives, and this trend is expected to continue, according to the “Environmental Initiatives Report.”

"Businesses today realize that consumers are looking for ways to do their part to save the environment," says Chris Ferrell, associate director at the Supply Chain Consortium and author of the report. "But, just doing your part to save the environment isn't going to be enough for shareholders. Sometimes, there needs to be an organizational and economic impact in order to effect change. But, the two are not diametrically opposed; companies are finding win-win opportunities that help preserve the environment and enhance the bottom line."

The “Environmental Initiatives Report” is available to Supply Chain Consortium members and contributing participants.

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